How Does it Work?

Sleep Temple Yoga is a "traveling temple."  What this means is, we will come to your place of business, school, church, meeting, seminar, or conference, and conduct a one hour Sleep Temple Yoga session.

Participants will be invited to lie on their back in a position called savasana, on a mat, and relax to a body scan and guided meditation.  In this process, the participant will quiet the mind, move into a meditative state in which the brain waves replicate the alpha waves of "focused relaxation," and finally, emerge feeling a sense of calmness, peace, creativity, and awareness. We will follow up with a discussion of the stages of sleep and offer practical tips for bringing more mindfulness into each day.  When we schedule the session, I will send you a detailed information sheet (or you can just request the information sheet before you decide :-).

Want more than just lying on your back and relaxing?

We also offer, in conjuction with  or alone, a session on yoga poses (called asanas) with the use of props to massage the body and promote relaxation.  You can request an individual session to learn the techniques to use at home, or, you can request a group session.

Your Sleep Temple Guide

Your guide through the Sleep Temple is Dr. Staussa Ervin, founder of Sleep Temple Yoga.  Staussa is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor with training in Advanced Mindfulness.  She is certified yoga instructor,  a member of the Texas Yoga Association  and has completed a master class in Ayurveda and the Mind: Understanding Anxiety and Depression with Kathryn Templeton. Staussa is a State approved CEU provider for Licensed Professional Counselors and Social Workers in the State of Texas.   Sleep Temple Yoga is an extension of Mind Peace Counseling, Coaching and Consulting, a mental health private practice located in Fort Worth,  Texas.  Staussa has completed the yoga teacher training for restorative therapeutics which has equiped her with the basic knowledge of using essential oils for stress, anxiety, depression, and other issues that plague us; essential oils are definitely a game changer!

The History of the SleepTemple

In Egypt in the 27th Century BC, the great Egyptian Physician  Imhotep (his name means the one who comes in peace) suggested that  temple sleep,also known as Egyptian Dream Temples, could help people overcome many of the difficulties they were experiencing, just by inducing sleep!  Sleep Temple Yoga is  build on this Egyptian philosphy and practice.

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Healing through Sleep.

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